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Naturally by Stevi Christine - Detailed Eyebrow Definer

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The Detailed Eyebrow Definer's thin pencil allows for an easy, thin, hairlike application. It is perfect for filling out sparse brows or creating a full strong eyebrow while the eyebrow brush on the end to creates a natural finish.

This pencil is perfect for someone that needs extra loving to create full eyebrows or simply wants to add a natural intensity to their look.

LIGHT works on blondes, red-heads, strawberry blondes, and dark blondes.

DARK works for dark blondes, brunettes, and dark red heads.


Stevi suggests "warming" the product up on the top of your hand and/or rub it back/forth on a paper towel/paper.

Start filling in at the arch. Lightly fill in your brows in the direction of your natural shape, focusing on areas where there are sparse areas/ or hairs. Continue until you have created a natural enhanced shape.

Formula Facts:

Long Wearing & Water Resistant
Gluten Free


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