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Free Shipping on All US orders over $40

Founder Spotlight: Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics

Melodie Reynolds created Elate Cosmetics as an answer to the traditional cosmetic companies she had worked with for over 20 years. Elate is a conscious beauty company, creating products that are vegan and cruelty-free, using sustainable practices. Shunning dirty ingredients and fear and shame-based marketing, her goal for Elate is to change the world, one lipstick at a time.

A message from Melodie

For many of us, putting on makeup is an automatic act, a routine. At Elate Cosmetics, we believe everyday routine becomes ritual when the action is more meaningful than the outcome. We believe true beauty is in the ritual itself. The small measures of self-care we afford ourselves daily are the seeds of self-love we plant to grow more confident, more powerful and more beautiful then we could ever imagine.

At Elate cosmetics we want to empower all women to make healthy choices and use the best possible products for their daily ritual. Products that support women in need, and are kind in every way possible.

Putting on mascara isn't going to change the world. But, it may change your perception of yourself, just a little, so you can.

So, go forth, and feel beautiful.
Founder, Melodie Reynolds



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