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We Chat Sustainability & Elate Cosmetics with Diandra Marizet, Founder of The Thread Edit

By Stephanie Jade Wong



Do you have a sustainable lifestyle? Have you noticed how the little decisions you make on a daily basis can affect the world around you?

You grab your face cleanser that comes in a plastic bottle.
You open it to find it empty, so you toss it in the trash bin.
You go out and buy a new cleanser that’s also in plastic packaging.

See the pattern? There’s more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean, which can harm cute sea creatures.

We live in a society where we’ve become so used to convenience. Although not everyone may have learned about sustainability in school, we’re now educating ourselves and those around us about how we can be better humans for the planet.

One Manhattanite who lives and breathes sustainability is Diandra Marizet. Diandra may work in apparel buying and strategy development for a non-profit by day, but spends her weekends in coffee shops working on The Thread Edit. She reads about consumption and organizes her findings in The Download. We were fans of her site and had a chance to chat with her.


Source: Diandra Marizet


LIB:  How did you become interested in sustainability?

DM: What started as a classic love for animals, grew into a deeper understanding of just how detrimental our consumption habits are for, not only their ecosystems, but everyone’s. 

The fashion industry helped bring it all full circle when I realized the terrible domino effect of consuming mindlessly, encouraging cheaper goods to be made, and creating pressure to exploit the environment and people along the way.

LIB: How and when did The Thread Edit start?

DM: I started The Thread Edit almost a year ago when I realized I needed a place to store all the amazing brands and pieces of content I was finding along my conscious consumption journey.

LIB:  Do you still spend weekends in coffee shops studying the way we consume things?

DM: Every weekend. Studying what resonates with us as flawed humans who are just doing our best is what drives me. I truly believe we all want to do good, and if a brand I post or an article I share empowers someone to live more truly by their beliefs, then it’s all worth it.

LIB:  Got a go-to coffee order?

DM: I’m trying to switch to coconut milk matcha lattes these days, but the unavoidable smell of coffee at every cafe I go to still gets the best of me.

LIB:  How do you use social media and your blog to engage with and educate your audience and community?

DM: I use social media to both find and share information and perspective I think we need to explore our relationships with consumption. 

Encouraging my community to question the world around them as I have learned to do can be challenging with so many around us sitting more comfortably in the status quo, but exploring positive change is meant to be empowering. I want to remind my community that they have permission to do that.

LIB:  It doesn’t take many scrolls through your IG to notice your glowy skin. ✨ What beauty product or ingredient are you currently obsessing over?

DM: I am obsessed with Yay for Earth Face Lotion. Walking around Manhattan all day can leave your skin feeling pretty beat up. Having something that both calms and heals my skin is my first priority when thinking about my entire beauty routine. 

I also love that I can put a little extra along my cheekbones to help take my luminizer to the next level. I’m currently wearing Clove + Hallow’s hydraglow.

LIB:  How did your clean/sustainable beauty journey begin?

DM: In college I was intensely focused on fitness and food. At first I cut dairy for performance reasons, but later learned how horrific large dairy operations are for animals. That served as the catalyst I needed to question all industries that use animals. 

I eventually learned that the beauty industry has every tool necessary to avoid animal testing yet continues to practice it on account of the profits reaped from testing facilities. I think cosmetic animal testing is one of the few consumption complexes that is actually quite simple — it’s just not needed and plenty of brands are succeeding without it.


Source: Diandra Marizet


LIB:  What does your makeup routine look like?

DM: Because I like to keep it pretty natural and most makeup products still come in plastic packaging, my daily routine is pretty minimal.

Step 1: I use small amounts of Urban Decay’s Naked Complexion Perfector on my cheeks to even my skin and help my blush last longer. 

Step 2: I add a little color with Elate’s Creme Blush, currently using the color “Bliss”. 

Step 3: I use Boy Brow from Glossier to emphasize the tomboy vibes.

Step 4: I have a few different highlighters I love to bring the cheekbone glow; currently using Clove + Hallow’s Hydraglow.

Step 5: Lastly, I use the Eye’s Right mascara from Lush for lengthy and smooth lashes.

LIB:  Elate Cosmetics practices sustainability in their product packaging. Can you dive in to why this is important when it comes to beauty products you use?

DM: Innovation around product packaging is so important to the future of consumption. We can mend a ripped dress or patch a jean hole, but once our plastic blush container is empty, what is there to do other than throw it out?

Brands like Elate are thinking more critically about their responsibility to create goods we can enjoy and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

LIB:  What are your top tips for living a sustainable lifestyle?

DM: Don’t get too caught up in the pressure of doing all the things when you feasibly can’t. Just start with the things that weird you out! Whether it’s chemicals in your home, plastic wrapped around the things you eat, or the wastefulness of cheap fashion. 

Everyone’s answer to that question looks a little different and by creating different forms of progress we open multiple doors to a better future simultaneously.

LIB:  You reuse common items like jelly jars to reduce waste; do you have any other tips for repurposing items or packaging for multi-use?

DM: One of my other favorites that doesn’t get enough love on the gram is saving my paper bags! I get so many just by shopping or eating out and I love to reuse them by storing them in the freezer and putting my compost in them.

LIB:  Who or what inspires you?

DM: Every time I explore a new topic and find valuable information to share, I also share people to follow who I think are doing a great job of painting the picture and spreading perspective. 

I love the idea of someone enjoying the mini deep-dive they might find on my site, and then build a limitless relationship with learning through the people educating us every day.

LIB:  What are the top 3 Instagram accounts or blogs you follow for sustainability inspo?

DM: The first ever IG account I actively followed was @unwrinkling, and to this day is undeniably my favorite account. She spotlights the whole picture by sharing the coolest new brands to the tough realities of human rights issues.

I follow @stevieyaaaay, the founder of Yay for Earth face lotion. If mother nature manifested herself in the human form so we could laugh, cry, and progress with her, it would be Stevie.

The sustainability producer & host for Now This News, @LucyBiggers, is creating a lot of the content I value for The Thread Edit. Bite-size doses of perspective that paint the picture of progress, why we currently struggle with it, and how people are making better choices more accessible.

LIB:  What other passions do you have?

DM: I love experiencing other cultures. 

Travel is an obvious and impactful way I explore culture, but I deeply appreciate even the smallest ways in which culture reveals itself to me. It could be a friend showing me a local Malaysian restaurant I would have never otherwise known about, receiving some customary greek cookies to accompany my coffee, or reliving my own culture through the eyes of children learning to embrace it.

LIB:  What 3 words best describe you?

DM: Passionate, relaxed, and fluid.

How can you start living more sustainably? 

Source: Diandra Marizet


You grab your face cleanser that comes in a glass jar.
You open it to find it empty, so you rinse it out and reuse the jar.
You go out and buy a new cleanser that also comes in a glass jar.

Read The Thread Edit here and follow Diandra on Instagram here.





About the Author: 

Stephanie Jade Wong is a NY-based freelance writer. She likes long walks to coffee shops, trying new beauty products, and petting strangers’ dogs.

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