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Free Shipping on All US orders over $40

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Activist Collective

Finally, a skincare brand that provides healthy products for humans and the planet.

All ingredients are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Introducing NIU BODY

Affordable natural and vegan skincare with a focus on effective scientifically-backed formulations

Discover Aether Beauty

Meet the vegan makeup brand that's challenging the beauty industry's waste problem with it's sustainable packaging.


Love, Indie B. is on a mission the find the next generation of beauty.

Our curated collection of products from established and up-and-coming indie beauty brands include clean and sustainable products, innovative tools and fun new perspectives.

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Portrait of Dana Rae Ashburn Founder of ABLE Cosmetics

Meet Dana Rae Ashburn, Founder of ABLE Cosmetics

Everyone’s able to apply makeup, whether you think you’re good at it or not. ABLE Cosmetics is a line of solution-oriented products, making makeup application easy. Meet brand founder Dana Rae Ashburn to learn more about her business and beauty routine.
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7 Indie Beauty Picks to Help You Love the Skin You’re in This Valentine’s Day

7 Indie Beauty Picks to Help You Love the Skin You’re in This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving others, it’s about loving yourself. Self-care is a form of love, and we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite indie beauty picks you can purchase for loved ones and yourself.
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Sarah Biggers Stewart Headshot with hand on cheek

A Moment with Sarah Biggers-Stewart, Founder of CLOVE + HALLOW

Sarah Biggers-Stewart created what she wanted to see in this world: CLOVE + HALLOW, a clean beauty brand she truly believes in. We chatted with Sarah about her business and clean beauty.
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